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The Bidet Seat Investors Guide - Why You Should Invest In A Bidet Seat Today

If we only had demo rooms around the country for you to try a bidet seat for yourself, then that would make our job SO much easier!

Unfortunately, as a small, family-owned business, we can't quite do that yet, but who knows, maybe one day.

But, just think about it, if you had some mud on your hands, would you try to wipe it all off with a dry paper towel, or simply put your hands under some running water? The answer is pretty obvious to us, water!

The truth-of-the-matter is almost everyone who uses a bidet seat consistently for a week is pretty much always hooked for life. It is true that the first time you use a bidet seat, you may be a bit "shocked", but try it a few more times and we can almost guarantee you'll join the revolution!

We've even had customers tell us they legitimately debated whether or not to go on a trip because they knew they would be without their bidet!

Our toileting practices may be a bit of a taboo subject, or as well like to call it, a "tapooh" subject, but we are going to knock down those walls and explain to you in the most authentic way possible why buying a bidet seat is truly the best investment you could make right now. 

Let's go through it all... 

Something you do every day will be significantly more enjoyable 

As we mentioned earlier, bidet seats can be a bit startling at first, but that's only at first. After a few uses, you'll understand why bidet seats are in over 80% of Japanese households. The warm seat, the warm water, and the customizable settings make the bidet experience win your heart over. 

And it won't break the bank

Contrary to popular belief, bidet toilet seats are not as pricey as you may think. Electronic bidet seats start at just $249 and when you factor in the free shipping and other wonderful deals we offer, you can get quite the bargain!

In fact, it can even pay for itself over time!

It's very common for a family of four to spend over $100 a year on toilet paper and considering you use about 80% less toilet paper with bidet seats, you can assume that would save the family about $80 a year. With proper care, bidet seats will last a long time, some have had there's for well over ten years! We are no mathematician's, but doing some simple math and your bidet seat will pay for itself, and sooner than you may think!

Plus, you'll be passively helping out the environment

As we just mentioned, normal people use about 80% less toilet paper when they have a bidet seat. For example, we only use toilet paper for a quick dry off at the end of an enjoyable bidet cleanse. Not only does that have a positive effect on the wallet, but also the environment! You generally would need to make some type of sacrifice to help the environment a bit, but here you actually getting more luxury and helping the environment at the same time!

While being much more efficient in the bathroom

Let's get real here, sometimes it can be quite annoying to clean up after a toileting session. Where does it all come from? Well, with a bidet seat you can say goodbye to the 5, 6, 7 wipers! Just hit a button, sit back, maybe do a little wiggle, and then do a quick wipe to get rid of any leftovers and to dry up - then be on your way! This is honestly one of our favorite advantages of the bidet seats.

Did we mention how much more comfortable bidet seats are?

You can say goodbye to sitting down on a cold, porcelain toilet seat in the middle of winter. One of the most basic, but most enjoyable aspects of all electric bidet seats is that you can adjust the temperature of the seat. It makes sitting down on that seat in the middle of winter quite delightful. Plus the seat warms up in a much more hygienic way than when your colleague warms it up immediately prior to your use in the workplace bathroom. 

They even help prevent a variety of health problems

Admittingly, a lot of the benefits we have talked about so far are "nice to have" type aspects, but there are some real tangible health advatages that bidet seats have over conventional toileting practices. For starters, it does a better job of getting rid of the mess and leaves you feeling "just showered fresh". Dry, abrasive toilet paper causes micro cuts on some pretty tender area, and we can agree that we probably don't want to let some of the mess enter those cuts. Infections can easily occur which lead to issues such as hemorrhoids - no fun!

The adjustable water stream from a bidet seat is much gentler and helps prevent those micro abrasions. You are not only preventing cuts, but you get a much better clean with water. 

And can even treat and/or help with existing medical issues

We all get some type of health issues that makes us go to the bathroom a bit more frequent than other times. Diaherria, Chron's Disease, IBS and Colitis are just some of the conditions where bidet seats can make a positive impact. If you do develop hemorrhoids than using a bidet will be much less painful and help get rid of them quicker than just toilet paper.

Bidet seats can restore bathroom independence

Needing help in the bathroom can be a bit embarrassing. Plus, it is not the most enjoyable job for the person helping out. One of the most amazing benefits bidet seats people with disabilities, medical conditions such as MS and Parkinsons, or the elderly, is the fact that bathroom independence and be partially or complete restored! Imagine the feeling of being able to go to the bathroom by yourself again and not needing to ask a loved one for help. Making a positive impact on someone's life in situations like this is exactly why we love bidet seats!

Your bathroom will become the talk of the town!

Yes, this may not be the benefit you were looking for when purchasing a bidet seat, but more often than not it comes true if you let your friends and family use your seat. Or you can get one for your guest bathroom, but be careful, your friends may be calling you just to come over and use your bidet seat! You may start to question a few friendships!

So now that you know that bidet seats are THE way to go, why should you get some from Bidet401K? Let's go through those reasons...

First off, the customer is #1 in our book and we will be there every step of the way! OK, maybe not when you're actually using it, but if you would like to call then we will probably answer! It is our duty to make sure you find the perfect product for you and will always be here to help if any issues ever come up. 

We really do encourage you to give us a call if you have any questions. You may find it a bit amusing to talk to someone who is so passionate about bidet seats!

We offer all the best bidet seats on the market including Bio Bidet, Brodell, and Novita Kohler.

You will not find a better deal anywhere else on the internet and that's a guarantee! Again, just give us a call for us to prove it!

Plus we will ship any order to anywhere in the contiguous 48 states for free!

On top of the lowest prices on the net and free shipping, take an extra 5% off any order with the discount code FEELFRESH...

PLUS, with select bidet seats, receive a $50 Amazon gift card with your purchase!

Oh yeah, and we will throw in some free bidet seat filters with most bidet seats.

All things considered, we are confident we are the best place to buy a bidet seat. 

Thank you very much for reading our investment guide, we look forward to helping you reap the benefits of a bidet toilet seat!