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Installing a bidet does not require a plumber! As long as you can unscrew your toilet water supply line, installing your bidet is a simple 30-minute process. Here is how the general process is done.

1) Turn off the water supply line to the toilet tank. After you turn off the valve, give the toilet a flush to get rid of a majority of the water in the water tank. Then you can disconnect the water supply line, be sure to have a towel on hand as there may be some water spillage from the tank once you disconnect the supply line.

2) Remove the existing toilet seat by undoing the two bolts underneath the toilet seat and then lifting the seat off the toilet.

3) Install the t-valve to the shut-off valve on the wall. Once it is securely installed, connect the water supply line and the bidet supply line to the t-valve. It is advisable to use plumbers tape on these connections to help prevent any leaks. Then reconnect the toilet supply line to the toilet tank

4) Now it is time to mount your bidet seat. To do this, first place the bidet bracket over the bolt holes and position appropriately. Once it is aligned properly, put the bolts through the toilet and bolt holes and fasten down by tightening the nuts underneath the toilet seat. Then slide your bidet seat into the bracket until you hear a "click".

5) If your bidet seat came with a bidet filter, now is the time to install it. You may install it to either the toilet directly or between the supply hose and the t-valve.

6) Finally, connect and tighten all of the water lines. Then turn on the water supply line and check for leaks. Once everything checks out, plug in your bidet to a GFCI outlet and enjoy!