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- Water cleans you better than dry, abrasive toilet paper. We always use the analogy that if you had some dirt on your hands, would you try to get it off with just a dry paper towel, or put your hands under the sink, the answer is obvious. The same applies to toileting practices!

- It's easier than using just toilet paper. With the simple press of a button, you can receive a complete clean and leave feeling more refreshed. It's much more comfortable than twisting and using dry toilet paper over and over again. 

- You will reduce the amount of toilet paper used. This has a positive effect on both the environment and your wallet. If you use bidet long enough, your savings in toilet paper could even pay for the bidet itself!

- Using a bidet seat is a more hygienic way to clean than toilet paper. Bidet seats effectively wash away a majority of the bacteria left behind after going to the bathroom. Toilet paper can actually make it worse by creating micro-abrasions on your bottom allowing bacteria to enter your body and possibly causing infections. Also, toilet paper can actually spread the mess around instead of wiping it away.

- Bidet seats are beneficial for people with certain medical conditions such as ALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Crohn's Disease, MS, and others. Also, for people with physical disabilities, it offers a much easier way to clean. Bidet seats have been able to restore bathroom independence for those that previously required assistance in the bathroom. 

- Bidet seats offer a much easier and convenient way to clean for senior citizens.

- Bidets are effective at preventing and treating hemorrhoids because they do not cause abrasions, help clean away bacteria, and are much more gentle than toilet paper.

- Bidet seats are more gentle to use which is especially beneficial for pregnant women and new mothers because of the increased sensitivity during these phases.