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About Bidet401K

You may wonder how we got into selling bidet toilet seats, well here's the quick version... On a trip to visit one of our family's sons, who was living in Japan, our Momma fell in the love with ubiquitous bidet toilet seats of Japan. After a few uses, not only could she not believe they weren't the norm in America, but also the fact that she didn't even know where to buy one! Taking our Father's investment expertise and combining it with our Mother's love for the bidet seat, Bidet401K was born.  

Bidet401K is a family owned small business operating out of Michigan and shipping free to anywhere in the lower 48 states. 

Bidet toilet seats really do hold a special place in our hearts at Bidet401K. Our loved ones suffering from disabilities and conditions such as Alzheimer's, Crohn's Disease, and MS have benefitted immensely from bidet toilet seats. Simply put, their lives (and ours) are much better with bidet toilet seats in their bathrooms. Not to mention bidet toilet seats provide a more hygienic, more efficient, and more comfortable wash over conventional toileting practices.

Because of the significant and tangible improvement bidet toilet seats provided to many of our lives, we made it our goal to spread the word about the wonderful benefits and advantages of them.  We figured the best way to do this was to sell them in the most customer orientated way as possible. Our number one priority is our customers and will do everything we can to make our customers happy. 

Not only do we hold our customers in the highest regard, but we really believe in the products we sell. While we admit using a bidet can be a bit "startling" at first, but almost everyone that uses a bidet toilet seat for at least a week is hooked for life. Some even dread going on vacation when they are forced to leave their bidets behind, seriously! Being a more practical-minded business, we also look at bidet toilet seats pragmatically, and trust us, purchasing one is a great investment! Why is that? Well here are some of the reasons:

  • Bidet toilet seats provide a more efficient and comfortable toileting process (something you do every day!) 
  • Bidet toilet seats are more economical over time than conventional toilet paper
  • Bidet toilet seats are more environmentally friendly than conventional toilet paper
  • You won't find a better price on the internet than at Bidet401K, guaranteed! If you do, call us immediately!
  • You will always get free shipping to the continental USA
  • You'll get free gifts: filters and even a $50 Amazon gift card with select bidet seats!
  • You will get the absolute best customer service around! We are a family owned small business customer service is our forte! 
  • Bidet toilet seats provide real health benefits and leave you feeling clean and oh so fresh!
  • Trust us, we have flipped even the most stubborn bidet hater into a super fan (aka our Father).

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions at all, we love to talk. It's time to make our toileting practice not such a taboo subject and significantly improve it!

Thank you very much for visiting Bidet401K!